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Ms Roeves - Cutwell, Tetbury

Ms Roeves was looking to completely renovate her cottage, SJS undertook a number of different challenges

Combine the outside toilet and utility into the kitchen to significantly extend it, this included a fibreglass flat roof over the toilet and utility, renovation of the utility room and kitchen and installation new units in both. Complete renovation of the driveway, patio and rear courtyard and opening up new door ways. Lastly we reconfigured the upstairs bathroom and decorated the whole house including all woodwork, doors and windows - we think the result is a beautiful cottage property.

This is what 'Building WIth Care' means to SJS - we understood that this is not just another building, but a professional business as the property was to be rented out and had to be perfect.

Throughout the process SJS helped and advised on various aspects of the build - to make better use of space, to save money, to improve the environment, and to make sure that the Alison was happy - but did we succeed?

This is what Alison had to say...

"Simon and his team were hard working, reliable and a delight to work with. The result was a beautiful job finished to an exceptional standard with minimum fuss. I would highly recommend them and will use them again. Huge thanks to the whole team!"

If you want your family home project 'Built with Care' please get in touch with the team at SJS via the contact form below or on 0777 55 61638, and we will do our best to help you.

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